CEO Emark / Inphinity

Martin Kostič

Martin Kostic is a CEO and Founder of both Inphinity and EMARK. Renowned for his visionary leadership, Martin is committed to unlocking the full potential of data for businesses. 

His success with EMARK catalyzed the inception of Inphinity, a groundbreaking technology venture. With a global footprint spanning all continents (except for Antarctica), EMARK and Inphinity are esteemed partners to the world’s leading organisations across diverse industries. 

EMARK stands as the quintessential data ally, adept at addressing any business query and leveraging cutting-edge data technologies. Inphinity, on the other hand, is reshaping the landscape of business intelligence, empowering users to take immediate action within their BI tools and spearheading advancements in data analytics and science. 

Beyond his roles as CEO of two multinational enterprises, Martin finds joy in exploring new horizons through travel, cherishing moments with his family, and engaging in music as well as a myriad of sports activities.